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Why Choose Fuyao Automotive Glass

Windscreen Distributors is the sole importer and distributor of Fuyao Automotive Glass in Southern Africa. Here are some reasons why we believe you should have Fuyao Glass in your vehicle:

Insurance Approved

Fuyao is approved by major insurance companies in South Africa


Fuyao glass has received certification in South Africa, Europe, USA, Australia and China

World Class Standard

Fuyao Glass is tried, tested, and certified and approved as world class standard glass

SABS Approved

Fuyao Glass is SABS Approved making it a trustworthy glass to use on your vehicle

Made by the best

Fuyao is manufactured by a world leader in the production of laminated, tempered, insulated and encapsulated safety glass

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Our Automotive Glass Range

Windsceen Distributors not only distributes windscreens. We also Distribute side glasses, vent glasses, rear glasses taxi frames and cab sliders


We sell a wide range of windscreens. For your cars, bakkies, taxis, trucks and buses.  


Wide Range of rearlites to suite your vehicle fleet

Side Glass

For all your side glass needs. We are the right supplier to chose.

Assorted Frames

  We also do various frames ranging from Taxi frames to Cab sliders. What ever your need, we are here for you.

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