What do we have to offer?

At Windscreen Distributors, we offer an extensive range of highest quality windscreens, rear windscreens, side glass, frames & accessories for all vehicle makes and models including a wide range of windscreens & side glass for various local trucks and busses.

Our product range is constantly updated as new vehicles are launched in our country and we also recently introduced a new brand of polyurethane into the South African market called ACW Adhesives. Please download the link below for more information on ACW Adhesives and Universal Mouldings.

ACW Adhesives and Universal Mouldings

Kindly download the link below that contains an explaination to the abbreviations used in the Windsreen Distributors Part Numbers.

Explaining WD Part Number Abbreviations

To view the automotive glass range that we offer for any vehicle, kindly click on the desired vehicle make on the left side of your screen.